Go Daddy Domain Search & Pricing


Go Daddy Domain Search

So, where is the best website to search and purchase your domain name? We have hundreds of competitors so what makes Go Daddy the best domain provider for India, USA and UK? Well, the answer is Go to Daddy what we mean is Godaddy a trusted name for someone who wants the best uptime for their website and superior customer support.

Go daddy Domain Search and Pricing

So, what makes a GoDaddy Account the best?

Personally I have tried at least 5 service providers and that’s where Godaddy stands out. With maximum uptime of more than 98% and first time buyers even get a big discount on their domain purchase. Go daddy stands out by providing at least 5% more uptime than any of its close competitors. Yes, they are a tit bit expensive but will you compromise on quality versus price.

GoDaddy Review

Godaddy Pricing

Go Daddy pricing in United States can start as less as $4.99 to $9.99 depending on the season or the offers. In United Kingdom the pricing vary from £4.99-£19.99 a month and in countries like India it costs Rs. 399 for new users and Rs. 849 for existing customers. Please understand Godaddy might change offers and prices without any prior notification.


My experience with Go Daddy

Now, let’s talk why I’ am asking you to go with Go Daddy is not why I like them or someone known to me works for them. I had my share of issues with them with website backup and other errors but their resolution time is much lesser than any, absolutely any of other service providers.


How my Ratings went from 5 to 9?

This is the interesting bit, when I had a problem I contacted their support and after getting a run-around the 3rd person was the genie I was looking for to fix my problem. And she did in the most effective manner. My first 2 ratings were 5 and 6 but the 3rd person made sure the customer experience went to 9 that’s just one point lessor than 10, because of the 12 minutes hold time. In India, USA, UK and other countries we have observed long hold times and they should really have more customer service agents waiting to fix the customer queries.

GoDaddy Experience

Comparison with nearest competitors

I will not take the name of many competitors but one i.e. Namecheap and they are also good in their own ways. However, when I checked their uptime is it was 3% lesser then Go daddy. So, is it worth paying for those 4 bucks extra? I would say absolutely yes as that 20 minutes can cost you can extra customer or client a day, now if you calculate it to a month. The number can be intimidating to the extent that many lose their business profit due to it. So relax and decide what do you expect of your domain and hosting provider? Great uptime or just low cost monthly fees.

goddy vs competitors

My opinion on Godaddy Account & Pro Service

When you are in the online business be it blog, affiliate marketing or just for promotional activities it has to be Go daddy. They don’t pay me an extra buck to promote them but yes they give me what I want, a stable domain with maximum uptime on their hosting plan. So why, think twice get the best in Go Daddy and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Plus you get an un-parallel customer service which is not offered by any, I mean any even their closest competitors. So, don’t think twice when you want to get the best hosting and domain provider with optimum uptime plus with their best customer support ever by any such company.

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