Approval for Eligible and Bad Credit Loans

Loans has become an absolute necessity for almost 70% of the population all over the world especially United States and Canada residents. The good part is it helps students fulfil their graduation and others who want either a vehicle or a house with good or even bad credit history. We will review all kinds of loans which falls in the 70% bracket as mentioned above.


Different types of loans offered:

  • Bad credit loans: Yes, a major part of the applicants belong to this category who want a loan but might not be eligible so here some private lenders come to the fore to offer loans with higher rate of interest. Our recommendation is check with multiple lenders and the lowest interest rate.
  • Mortgage loans: Almost every lender is happily offering loans to verified mortgage owners, however with high interest rates. This has been the on-going problem for years. We will come up with another article mentioning the list of verified lenders with minimum rates.
  • Student loans: This is more legitimate that the others mentioned above as government banks also offers educational loans to students with lowest interest rates. So, our advice is when it comes to student loans stay away from private lenders.

Different Source of Student Loans

Oh, we missed a category here i.e. Car loans, individuals with good credit score is an easy take as they get approved, however, with bad credit history we have to approach private lenders. We will list some of the verified lenders who can provide the required loans with lowest rates of interest.

Find below the verified Student loans providers:

  • SallieMae: They are formerly known as the Student Loan Marketing (SLM) Association, Sallie Mae is a consumer banking company that are known to approve student loans. SM Founded in 1973 they initially functioned as a federally guaranteed student loan issuer, and slowly transitioned to private student loans in 2014 till now, after transferring its remaining federal loan portfolio to Navient, an individual entity for educational loans. We recommend this entity for student’s requirement for a loan for higher studies.
  • CollegeAve: Mind you the student has to be a resident in United States to be eligible for one and for a recognized educational institution in US. We always recommend checking with multiple banks before deciding which loan plan suits them the best.
  • Discover: A well-known banking sector who easily approves the best loan plan however the only down point is the student has to be 16 years old.
  • SunTrust: They also approve the loans without much fuss the only important condition is that the age factor is 17 to apply for loan from Suntrust.
  • Lendkey: Their conditions are not very strict and offer loans for both graduate and under graduate.
  • Credible: The order of lenders is in random order and no preference is provided from our side. Credible offers loans for Graduate, Undergraduate and other educational programs.

Different Source of Student Loans


Other bad credit loan providers:

  • is one such company who offers loans with bad and really bad credit history. Contact them for details and eligibility.
  • LendingClub: Another lender who after certain verification offers loans to those applicants with not so good credit history.
  • One Main Financial: Another private lender who offers loans to individuals and business with interest rate suitable for the business.
  • Others: Apart from the companies mentioned above there are many individuals and non-rated firms who offers loans for bad credit history.

We strongly recommend that for any kinds of loans please contact the Government recommended banks and other lenders after much research. You don’t want to be bowed down paying interest for years so please call and get a preferably a written document before actually applying for a loan for any kind of requirement.

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