So, What to Watch ? Any Recommendations?

What to Watch

It is one of the questions we often ask ourselves. This “What to Watch” question can be for any platform like Youtube, Netflix, or while deciding between for movies for the weekend.

Mostly while travelling or on our free time we tend to search on Google to know what shows or series are most recommended. So, here are some recommendations on TV shows, Web series and movies which are rated high by most viewers while some are critically acclaimed for reasons more than one.

1) National Football League

Americans are really hooked when it comes to Football and after Notre Dame sloppy opener in this season defeating Louisville by 35-17. This Season like any other years is going to be the most followed and watched not only in the States but many others countries as well. More on players, results, fixtures can be found on their official website

2) Movie to End Series

After 5 successful seasons of the animated series “Steven Universe”, when viewers were hoping for a new season, comes the news of “Steven Universe: The movie” . Many questions were raised if that is the end of that. As the movie highlights a grown teenager it came as a not so great news for the regular fans. Whether the movie signals the finale of Steven Universe series is yet to be confirmed by its makers. As of now all that we can do is “fingers crossed”.

3) Recommended Netflix Series

Now coming to web series here are few of my picks on Netflix: “Mad Men” is certainly one of the favourite shows of many Netflix users. This award winning period showcases characters much beyond normalcy. At No. 2 we have “Russian Girl”, this is more like a loop concept where Nadia lives the same day again and again where she dies in the tub waking up again to die again the very next day. At No. 3 “Stranger Things” although is not a new concept has been increasing viewership from all across the world on a daily basis. Then we have series like the evergreen “Friends” loved by almost everyone, I mean who wouldn’t. We will have a blog coming up for Netflix Series reviews which I promise will be a detailed one.

4) Upcoming Movies: Hits a Miss

Movies have taken an undercut or a Jab rather when applications like Netflix are taking over with better shows and can be accessed virtually from any device. Based on the recent promos that were shown we are hoping comedy flicks like “Hustlers”, “Playing with Fire” and horror movies like “The Addams Family” which may turn out to be a comic one as well.

5) Now, Youtube Premium

According to reports gathered from different web sources shows like “MindField”, “Liza on Demand”, Youtube originals like “Wayne” and ”Impulse” can be viewed by subscribing to Youtube Premium membership. Again Youtube for regular users also has a lot of Free movies and shows which can serve the purpose. Search for the niche that interest you and you might find one which is a perfect watch.

More Recommendations on What to Watch – Up Soon

So, the next time when you think about what to watch please refer to the above recommended shows. The only disclaimer I will like to give are the upcoming movies which are not released hence, we are anticipating they will be worth your time for a watch.

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